The Science Behind Wish

Wish’s age-defying salon treatment is an 8-step process that reverses and prevents the signs of aging. It treats external symptoms while protecting the skin’s delicate balance.

Preparing the skin maximizes penetration level

Wish begins by thoroughly cleansing the skin, gently removing dead surface cells. The tannin rich Age-defying Exfoliator increases blood flow, infusing the skin with nutrients and removing residues and toxins. An all natural fig extract, removes dead cells for greater penetration of active ingredients.

Active skin rejuvenators reverse the internal and external signs of age

Wish leverages the skin’s optimally clean condition to infuse a unique blend of anti-inflammatories, antibacterial agents, and humectants deep into the skin. These active ingredients reorganize cell structure, increase moisture, and protect against free radicals. Simultaneously, Wish increases cell turnover and the production of natural anti-aging hormones. Finally, Wish constricts the skin pores to seal in ingredients and tighten and smooth away wrinkles.

Advanced Peptides provide optimal results

Wish’s unique blend of advanced peptides prevents wrinkle formation. Working together they block the neurotransmitter signals that cause muscles to contract. By reducing facial muscle contraction skin maintains its firmness and wrinkles can’t form.

Multi-level protection from environmental factors

Wish professional treatments and home use products work hand in hand to protect skin from environmental factors such as weather, pollution and free radicals. Consistent use of wish products continues the healing process in the dermal layers, transforming aging skin into firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Stop Wrinkle Formation Today

As part of a comprehensive anti-aging solution, Wish’s Absolute Confidence Serum utilizes scientifically advanced peptides that block the neurotransmitter signals that cause muscles to contract. Blocking neurotransmitter signals between the nerve endings relaxes the muscles and stops wrinkles from forming before they start.

Key Active Ingredients

Acetyl Glutamyl Hexapeptide-3

An advanced peptide that prevents the release of Acetyle Choline from the nerves, preventing muscle contraction and stopping wrinkles before they start.

Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzybimide Diacetate

Blocks neuromuscular contractions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Lipoic Acid

A powerful multi-level skin rejuvenator that increases Collagen synthesis.

Dimethyl MEA

A highly effective skin calming and firming agent for tighter facial contour.

Phytic Acid

A powerful antioxidant skin lightener, smoother and exfoliator that reduces inflammation and irritation.

Ferulic Acid

Repairs cell membranes while protecting against external pollutants increasing the skin’s immunological, antimicrobial and antifungal properties to block infections and reactions.


Increases lifecycle of healthy skin cells by 50%, causing maturing skin to react like younger skin.

DHEA (Prasterone)

Boosts immune system to protect against non-visible skin infections that damage Collagen.