Key Active Ingredients

Telosense Active

The newest award winning tool which prevents telomere erosion. This complex of hydrolyzed soy and wheat proteins are designed to help protect telomeres cap and protect cell chromosomes. The unique combination contributes in overall improving cell longevity.

Alp Rose Stem- Cells

Produced from a very resilient plant that grows on mountainsides in the Swiss Alps at altitudes of up to 3,200m. The unique plant’s ability to adapt to extreme temperatures and conditions translates into an ideal skin care ingredient, protecting and maintaining skin’s resistance to environmental aggressions.

Detox Peptide

Neutralizes radical oxide species (ROS) which cause intracellular accumulation of oxidative damage maintaining the physiological levels of Autopagy and Proteasome activity. Muse Detox Peptide prevents premature aging and promotes cell regeneration.

Flax Extract

Designed to help the skin optimize lipid homeostasis by boosting the stratum corneum intercellular lipid synthesis. This assists in overall skin recovery and protection providing impressive and visible results.

Cupuacu Butter

Made from the seeds of the Cupuacu tree commonly found in tropical rainforests. Its capacity to retain water in the epidermis offers supreme hydration effectively improving skin’s moisture barrier..

Muse – The Science Behind

Looking Younger Much Longer!

Based on award winning formulas such as Telosense Active combined with innovative ingredients such as Alp Rose Stem Cells and Detox Peptide, Christina’s Muse products help skin optimize its natural repair processes, strengthening its defensive barrier and delaying future damage caused by aging. All wrapped in the enchanting aroma of the rose.

Total Beauty Complex – Perfect Results

Our relaxing, pampering and luxurious treatment consolidates state of the art scientific ingredients and classical French cosmetic methods. Each ingredient was carefully selected by Christina’s team of scientists. All Muse formulas were tested and proved their overall ability to preserve skin’s healthy and youthful functions and appearance.

Muse Homecare Products – Enhancing Treatment Results

Muse home products are designed to accompany the customer ensuring and prolonging the impressive in-salon or spa treatment results. Each product focuses on providing essential ingredients leaving the skin with a smoother younger looking appearance, assisting in protecting skin’s defense barrier. Consistent use of Muse products process assists in transforming aging skin into firmer, radiant, younger looking texture.