The Science Behind Forever Young

Mimicking the natural rejuvenation process

The Forever Young anti-aging formula utilizes five powerful scientifically advanced micro-biopepetides to fortify the skin’s natural repair functions. Artificially produced at the Christina laboratory these Forever Young peptides are specially engineered for their small size. Smaller peptides enable deeper penetration into the dermis and epidermis, causing the regenerative processes to accelerate for dramatic results.

Micro-biopeptides the secret to youthful skin

The micro-biopeptides are comprised solely of active receptors to maximize the desired reaction. The peptides strengthen skin’s protection and rebuild tissue. Regeneration of the internal skin structure minimizes the development and appearance of surface wrinkles, softens facial expression lines, and firms and lifts the skin. Working within the skin’s cellular structure, Forever Young achieves a long lasting younger, healthier complexion.

Radical Results… At Home

Home use products repair and straighten existing Collagen fibers, while working to increase the overall Collagen matrix for long term improvement of skin tone and elasticity.

The advanced, concentrated Total Renewal Serum penetrates skin, reforming it at the cellular level for maximum, long-lasting action. Featuring Christina’s age-defying micropeptides, the Total Renewal Serum continually supplements and supports the skin with five key proteins that act in concert for epidermal repair and damage prevention.

Key Active Ingredients

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
Speeds cellular regeneration increasing production of new healthy cells.

Epidermal Thymic Factor (ETF)
Increases internal skin immunity by boosting Langerhan cell production while straightening and repairing overall cellular structure

Fibronectin Biomimetic Peptide (FBP)
Repairs the external skin matrix by increasing cell adhesion, protein synthesis and cell differentiation

Acts as a Melanin suppressor by blocking Tyrosine activity

Phytocohesine PSP
Increases resistance of the skin barrier and cell cohesion to retain moisture content and enhance skin hydration.