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Moisture Fusion
Moisture Fusion Serum

This moisture infused serum is enriched with an innovative peptide concentrate that accelerates the skin’s own natural production of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin which has been decreasing with aging. It improves optimal skin hydration levels by binding water to the skin, preventing it from evaporating out and providing long lasting moisture retention.

With its combined peptides and active moisturizing ingredients, the serum improves and strengthens Collagen fibers, stimulates the synthesis and re-building of Elastin tissues resulting in an improvement in skin volume, elasticity and tonicity and a natural facelift effect.

Moisture Fusion Cream

A super-concentrated lightweight cream provides optimal long lasting skin hydration by externally supplying the skin with a unique moisturizing complex.

Enriched with biotechnologically advanced Nano Hyaluronic Acid with extra low molecular weight, this unique formula penetrates deeply into the horny layers, effectively hydrates the skin while retaining moisture, resulting in a suppler, firmed complexion.

Face, Neck & Dècolletè Kit
Total Renewal Serum:

Instantly smoothing and hydrating, the Total Renewal Serum encourages epidermal growth, enhances cell adhesion and suppresses discoloration. Infused with age-defying active ingredients, the serum penetrates into the cellular level for maximum, long lasting rejuvenation and cell renewal.

Hydra Protective Day Cream-SPF 40:

The Hydra Protective Day Cream delivers maximum hydration with a long-lasting moisturizer and high-level UVA UVB protection. Combining advanced skin rebuilders, this non-comedogenic formula reduces and prevents signs of aging without heaviness or clogging.

Repairing Night Cream:

The Repairing Night Cream rebalances and repairs the skin’s natural defense systems during the night. A powerful combination of peptides and vitamins increases skin-building keratin, promotes protein synthesis and strengthens structural balance leaving skin looking smooth, youthful and vibrant.

Radiance Moisturizing Mask:

The overnight Radiance Moisturizing Mask is enriched with vitamins and oil-free moisturizers to provide maximum hydration, skin barrier regeneration and anti-oxidant protection. The mask has five concentrated bio-mimetic peptides to protect against and reverse the signs of aging, enhance cell adhesion and epidermal repair.

Eyes Kit
Eye Zone Treatment:

The deep-penetrating Eye Zone Treatment serum reverses and prevents the telltale signs of aging by reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Enriched with a combination of age-defying bio-peptides, the Eye Zone Treatment moisturizes and regenerates the delicate eye contours, dramatically improving the overall quality of eye skin.

Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream SPF-15:

Enriched with shea butter, high SPF, palmitic acid and Epidermal Thymic Factor, The Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream revitalizes the eye contour area. Used every day, The Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream is a quick-absorbing, non-comedogenic eye treatment for dramatic results.

Active Night Eye Cream:

The Active Eye Night Cream takes advantage of the skin’s most receptive time to stimulate cellular regeneration and rebuild tissue. Enriched with biomimetic peptides, the Active Eye Night Cream builds keratin, promotes protein synthesis and reinforces cell immunity. Used nightly, Active Eye Night Cream reverses age-induced skin damage to reveal visibly firmer younger eye contours.

Absolute Fix Expression-Line Reducing Serum:

The Absolute Fix Expression-Line Reducing Serum safely and effectively reduces deep facial expression lines and wrinkles without invasive treatment. This serum prevents the signs of age with an optimal combination of biomimetic polypeptides and vitamins. The peptides promote Collagen synthesis and skin rejuvenation to create firmer, smoother and younger skin.

Hydra-Protective Winter Cream SPF20:

Designed to shield skin from the harsh effects of cold weather, the Hydra-Protective Winter Cream locks in moisture and prevents skin from drying out. The cream increases skin immunity against the elements to protect the skin’s natural moisture and temperature balance.

Lip Zone Revitalizer SPF15:

Reverse the signs of aging around the lip area with the light, non-oily Lip Zone Revitalizer. Infused with scientifically proven age-fighting ingredients, the Lip Zone Revitalizer stimulates keratin and filaggrin synthesis to hydrate the lip area and erase fine lines.

Eye Rescue:

A light cream that instantly minimizes fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Featuring delicate tightening agents and deep penetrating bio-peptides, Eye Rescue glides on gently to naturally lift skin and smooth wrinkles.

Smooth Eye Mask:

Keep wrinkles at bay with the 10-minute Smooth Eye Mask. This clinical eye mask features bio-mimetic peptides that enhance cell repair and adhesion. An increase in keratin and filaggrin synthesis boosts cell regeneration, hydrates and prevents skin discoloration. Powerful vitamins strengthen the epidermis and cell membranes to fight free radicals and protect against photo damage for better skin tone and elasticity.

Moisturizing Facial Wash:

The mild Moisturizing Facial Wash removes pollutants, dirt and makeup without irritating the skin. This botanical-based, antioxidant-rich facial wash provides natural purification, fights free radicals and begins the skin firming process by boosting hydration and gently removing dead cells.

Purifying Toner:

The Purifying Toner is an antioxidant-rich, alcohol-free toner that removes stubborn dirt, environmental residue and excess oils to purify the skin. Infused with a gentle astringent and antibacterial extracts, the Purifying Toner maintains moisture balance and adjusts pH levels to fit the needs of your complexion.

Gentle Cleansing Milk:

The luxuriant Gentle Cleansing Milk removes impurities and excess oils while improving skin moisture. This non-comedogenic cleansing agent fights free radicals and removes dead cells. Enriched with botanical extracts, the Cleansing Milk reduces dryness and balances the skin’s natural moisture levels, revealing calm, supple skin.

Balancing Toner:

The Balancing Toner gently removes dull surface layers and pollutants, cleansing and toning skin without over-drying. This alcohol-free, moisturizing toner brightens, refines and renews all skin types, restoring skin to its ideal pH level.

Dual Action Makeup Remover:

The gentle non-oily Dual Action Makeup Remover moisturizes the eye area while removing makeup and environmental residues. Featuring a combination of natural extracts, the Dual Action Makeup Remover leaves the eye area feeling smooth, hydrated and refreshed.

Body Treatments Products Overview
Exfoliating Scrub:

The foaming Exfoliating Scrub’s gentle massage stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, gently dispelling dead cells and promoting cellular regeneration and Collagen synthesis. Removing dead surface layers increases absorption of age-reversing elements, antioxidants and beta-hydroxyl acid. Intended for daily use, the Exfoliating Scrub formula activates the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes to restore youthful beauty.

Silky Matte Cream:

The Silky Matte Cream reduces the signs of aging by enhancing cell adhesion, growth and microcirculation with high levels of clinical hydrators. The matte textured, low-oil Silky Matte Cream softens, tones and reverses the signs of aging without clogging pores.

Ultra-Nourishing Lotion:

A comprehensive tool for cell regeneration and skin toning, the Ultra-Nourishing Lotion promotes cell growth, boosts microcirculation and delivers concentrated amounts of moisture. Enriched with biomimetic polypeptides, the Ultra-Nourishing Lotion stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin, tightening skin and restoring a healthy youthful glow.

Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream SPF15:

Treat and protect hands from everyday wear, tear and photo-damage with the clinically proven Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream. Packed with biomimetic polypeptides for enhanced cell adhesion, growth, and microcirculation, the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream leaves hands moisturized, nourished and renewed.

Pampering Foot Cream:

The light, quick-absorbing Pampering Foot Cream formula softens and smoothes skin while eliminating foot odor. This unique blend of natural oils keeps feet healthy and eliminates redness and itchiness.

Forever Young Men Treatment Product Overview

Beginner’s Kit

Extra-Action Scrub:

Repair, renew and protect skin with the gentle foaming of the Extra-Action Scrub. By removing the surface layers, Extra-Action Scrub boosts microcirculation and increases absorption of active ingredients. Enriched with beta-hydroxyl acid and antioxidant tannins, the Extra-Action Scrub polishes away dirt and pollutants for a fresh, firm and clean complexion.

Fortifying Aftershave Gel:

With an invigorating mint scent, Fortifying Aftershave Gel deeply moisturizes parched skin with a deep, penetrating Hyaluronic acid. Daily use of Fortifying Aftershave Gel heals razor burn and prevents aging, leading to a smooth and cool complexion.

Age-Fighter Cream SPF15:

Repair and protect skin with the Age-Fighter Cream, which takes advantage of the newest UVA and UVB filters for maximum sun protection. The Age-Fighter Cream reverses signs of aging by mimicking young skin’s natural cell rebuilding mechanisms. This matte-textured cream treatment improves the skin’s moisture levels leaving skin smooth and without residue.