The Science Behind FluroOxygen+C

Working on multiple levels
The Fluoroxygen+C process begins by removing melanin trapped in the outer skin layers. Next an innovative blend of lightening agents penetrates the epidermal layers to diffuse existing melanin patches. Finally lightening acids infiltrate overactive melanocytes to decrease Tyrosine activity and normalize Melanin synthesis.

Fight Sun Damage
Fluoroxygen+C, treats the symptoms of sun induced premature aging, for younger looking skin. Rejuvenating blends of natural antioxidants and powerful extracts increase the rate of skin turnover and stimulate epidermal growth. Fluoroxygen+C blocks melanin synthesis to prohibit the formation of skin discoloration and stratum corneum damage.

Long Term Lightening Results
The Fluoroxygen+C home use treatment increases cell turnover, improves skin texture and locks in moisture to nourish the skin with essential nutrients. Consistent usage of home use products maintains salon results by regulating Melanin production to retain even skin tone.

Key Active Ingredients

Alpha and Beta-hydroxyl acids
A combination of Glycolic,
Lactic, and Salicylic Acids stimulate and rejuvenate the skin, while exfoliating dead epithelial cells.

Vitamin C
Natural sources of Vitamin C stimulate fibroblast activity, lighten skin and stimulate Collagen regeneration.

Kojic Acid
An innovative natural lightening agent that blocks melanin formation by decreasing Tyrosine activity.

Lipoic Acid
A powerful skin rejuvenator, active in both water and oil, fights free radicals and increases the rate of skin turnover.

Witch Hazel and Chamomile
Natural extracts provide calming and soothing effects.