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Rejuvenating & Lightening Kit
LipoC-20 Day Serum:

The rejuvenating LipoC-20 Day Serum is a condensed formula that reinforces antioxidant power and contains 20% pure Vitamin C to ensure long-term stability and activity. The LipoC-20 Day Serum combines natural plant extracts with active anti-aging and lightening ingredients to provide a soothing effect.

VitaC-Clear Night Serum:

Operating deep within the skin at the basal layer, the VitaC-Clear Night Serum lightens skin as you sleep. This balanced formula of lightening agents and natural plant extracts normalizes melanin formation for a clear, even-toned complexion.

Alpha C Night Cream:

The powerful skin-bleaching and rejuvenating Alpha C Night Cream combats signs of aging and pigmentation throughout the night. The cream is infused with active ingredients that stimulate blood flow to enrich cells with oxygen, rebuilding Collagen and Elastin for increased skin elasticity and glow.

VitaC-light Botanical Lightener:

The VitaC-light Botanical Lightener is a unique blend of natural plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins that moisturize and lighten skin while fighting free radicals and boosting synthesis of Collagen and Elastin.

EyeC Eye Cream:

The EyeC Eye Cream is infused with an anti-aging formula to remove dark circles under the eyes, reduce puffiness and minimize expression lines, while protecting the eye contours from further environmental damage.

IntenC SPF-40 Day Cream:

Protect hyperpigmented skin from additional sun damage and minimize the visible signs of aging with the IntenC SPF-40 Day Cream. This non-oily formula renews and restores skin moisture, increases skin elasticity and leaves the skin nourished for a radiant and even-toned complexion.

Soothing & Lightening Mask:

The Soothing & Lightening Mask reduces skin discoloration by more than 40% with advanced, deep penetrating lightening and soothing agents. It instantly lightens skin tone and smoothes texture, while stimulating growth of healthy new cells, resulting in an even toned rejuvenated complexion.

Clarifying Scrub:

The gentle Clarifying Scrub removes sebum and dead skin cells, thoroughly cleanses pores and removes makeup residue. Bursting with rejuvenating elements and lightening agents, the scrub stimulates blood circulation to promote cellular and Collagen fiber regeneration to restore youthful beauty.

Facial Wash:

The mild Facial Wash removes dirt, makeup and impurities while promoting cell regeneration. This botanical-based, antioxidant-rich Facial Wash suppresses Tyrosine activity thereby reducing melanin formation for a long lasting lighter even complexion. Additionally, the Facial wash prepares the skin for optimal lightening reaction to further FluorOxygen+C treatment steps.

Balancing Toner:

Thoroughly cleanse skin with the Balancing Toner which reduces and prevents uneven skin tone.

This rich extract formula suppresses Tyrosinate activity thereby reducing melanin formation while Glycolic and lactic acids gently exfoliate skin and stimulate cellular regeneration. By increasing the skin’s water capacity, the balancing toner provides an even-toned complexion with less dryness or redness.

Cleansing Milk:

The Cleansing Milk is a gentle blend of anti-oxidants with glycolic and lactic acids. These rich ingredients purify hyperpigmented skin, remove impurities and protect vulnerable skin from environmental and UV damage. This complex formula promotes cellular regeneration leaving skin clean, even toned and radiant!