Key Active Ingredients

3D peptide complex

The latest scientific breakthrough, the award-winning complex significantly increases the formation of several types of collagen in the skin. This highly bioactive complex helps prevent the appearance of additional lines and wrinkle, especially expression lines. In stimulating skin mechanisms, the complex also actively protects against skin degradation and restores moisture to the skin.


This blend of palmitic acid (a fatty acid) contains 13 amino acids. This advanced ingredient combination offers supreme age-diffusing benefits, working to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid levels in skin and increasing regulation of cell growth and migration, cell survival and extracellular matrix expression.

Skin is smoothed and becomes more evenly toned, with expression lines and wrinkles blurred. Additionally, this active assists in generating new youthful cells, contributing to a renewed bright skin tone and appearance.

Encapsulated Retinol

Encapsulated retinol contacts the skin progressively, with the retinol triggering skin- improving activity throughout the day as the active continuously diffuses over time. This process offers a focused, high-performance treatment inhibiting and reducing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of flexibility and vitality. This prolonged action is thanks to a cutting-edge formula, and leads to visible results.

Hi-tech biopolymer

This biopolymer is produced through a symbiotic system by microorganism living in sunflower roots, and tightens and fills skin for an immediate effect. The ingredient is absorbed, spreading on the skin and forming an elastic film which retracts and stretches the skin to decrease wrinkle appearance and depth, smoothing fine lines.

Wine and Grape Components such as polyphenols, wine and grape acids, and resveratrol

Polyphenols, flavenoids & tannins

help protect the skin, visibly firming and lifting it. They strengthen skin from the inside out, slowing premature aging process and energizing cells.

Wine and grape acids used in Château de Beauté were all carefully selected for their effectiveness in skin rejuvenation, strengthening collagen production in skin and micro – circulation, increasing the resistance of the blood cells and protecting skin’s elasticity and collagen fibers.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant, and as numerous studies have proven, a cutting edge protective ingredient. This active is one of the most effective factors in comprehensive rejuvenating and brightening treatment, promoting skin radiance and a unified texture.

Nourishing Components for Supreme Hydration

Ingredients such as intelligent hyaluronic acid target specific zones within skin that optimize anti-aging efficacy and retain water for ideal skin hydration. Enhancing of cellular processes also leads to smoother, firmer skin with decreased appearance of wrinkles in only 4 weeks.

Château de Beauté – The Science Behind

Age-Defying Ingredients Prevent Premature Aging!

A new benchmark in active professional cosmetics, the new Château de Beauté product line is comprised of award-winning formulas and youth-restoring ingredients such as a tailor-made 3D peptide complex and high-performance encapsulated retinol for dramatic, visible results almost immediately. As wine ages its quality and texture improve. This innovative new Christina product line applies this distinguishing quality, utilizing the remarkable benefits of grapes, wine and their byproducts for a unique vinotherapy experience. Château de Beauté helps maintain the balance, firmness, hydration, and youthful suppleness of the skin.

A New Era of “Green Chemistry” – Impressive Results

Château de Beauté pampers without compromising efficacy. Luxury combines with state-of- the-art scientific components and innovative methods to utilize the power of nature’s best active ingredients. All of the ingredients were carefully selected by Christina’s team of leading scientists, chosen for their rare combination of “green” characteristics and ability to attain remarkable results. This contributes to skin comfort and health while reaching new heights of achievement in skin care and rejuvenation – firming, tightening, plumping, renewing, and revitalizing skin for a bright and youthful appearance.

Luxurious Treatment Restores the Glory of Youth – Enhancing Results with Home Products

Château de Beauté home products are created to perfectly complement in-salon or spa treatments, enhancing results and increasing skin luminosity. Each product was created with careful precision to assure the right combination of ingredients for a home kit which strengthens and elevates salon results, maintaining the strength and function of skin. Consistent use of home products helps maintain skin moisture and suppleness, smoothes out the appearance of wrinkles, and generates new healthy skin cells for an even-toned bright complexion.